Tom Stanier
Sound Engineering & Technical Services


Freelance sound engineer, always looking for exciting opportunities. Professional, reliable and eager to continue pursuing my musical career path. Back in 2009, I was offered my first job as a Performing Arts Technician and over the following 6 years, progressed into my most recent role as Technical Manager, in an large rural Arts Centre. With many transferrable skills, the self drive and passion to take my working life into my own hands, I have since taken into the plunge into self-employment.

Though sound biased, I have a many years of experience in Lighting, AV and i’m a quick learner; Always looking to expand my knowledge and skills.

I have experience in engineering many genres, from Rock to Country, but my main focus and love firmly routed in Folk, Acoustic and Roots music.

Over the past years, I have had wonderful opportunities to work with musicians around the country, Mixing FOH Sound & monitors, and also live recording work.

A selection of artists I have had the pleasure to work with:
Cara Dillon & Sam Lakeman
John McCusker & Heidi Talbot
Lady Maisery
Martin Simpson
Emily Smith & Jamie McClennan
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan
Melrose Quartet
The James Brothers
Daoirí Farrell
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar
Blue Rose Code
My current rig consists of:
High spec KV2 Audio FOH PA
4 Coaxial Monitors
Allen & Heath GLD80 Chrome Mixing Desk
AR2412 Digital Stage Box
Dante Card allowing for live multi-track recording
1x Neumann KMS 105
1x Shure Beta 87a
4x Shure Beta 58a
2x Sennheiser e906
1x AKG C414B XLS
2x AKG C391 Blue Line
1x Audix D6
1x Audix D4
3x Audix D2
3x Audix i5
1x Se Electronics – sE5
1x Groove Tubes Convertible
6x Klark-Teknik DN100 DI Boxes
Happy to discuss further specific tour spec requirements if required.